While some may forget, celebrities are people, just like everyone else. If they want to improve their smile, they seek help in cosmetic dental procedures. A perfect, confident smile. American stars have it all and their teeth look so real!
From small gaps and fissures to more eye-catching works such as veneers, crowns and bonding, famous personalities have done everything to achieve a smile they like to show the world.
That is why a sparkling set of pearly whites are often thought to be the secret behind the ultimate winning smile – not to mention Hollywood-esque good looks.
Our quality dental services will guarantee that your new look will be natural and appealing.
Our dentists examine the shape, structure, size and the bite of the teeth along with the overall dental health. They also check for any decays, gum diseases etc. to see what the best option will be for you and discuss all the details of the treatment with you.

Straightening teeth with various techniques

There are many procedures that focus on straightening crooked teeth, repairing broken teeth, replacing missing teeth, closing the gaps between teeth, improving smile lines, correcting a gummy smile and teeth whitening.

Zac Effron

Before his career, Zac Effron had uneven teeth and a gap. Zac closed the gap, straightened his smile and whitened his teeth.

Christiano Ronaldo

Football player used to have terrible gaps and discoloured teeth and wore braces. He obviously spent a lot of money just to get the straight and white teeth he now has.

Morgan Freeman

When his teeth turned yellow with age, Morgan Freeman opted for whitening and later closed the gap between his front teeth and got veneers.

50 Cent

The singer corrected his gaps in the front teeth and had the teeth straightened in the lower jaw.

Miley Cyrus

Before Miley became the big star she is now, her teeth looked very different. She had her teeth whitened and straightened.

David Beckham

You can never imagine that David’s teeth once looked like that, considering how beautiful they are now. He got pearly white, straight teeth.

Keith Urban

Although he did not reveal exactly what he had done, the gap in his marriage to Australian Nicole Kidman was closed, and his teeth were whiter and straighter.

Tom Cruise

The star didn’t tell how he got his bright smile.  From tooth alignment to teeth whitening, Tom Cruise definitely paid a fair price for his tooth repair.

Nicola Roberts

The singer got a complete tooth reconstruction, and thus straight and white teeth.

Noel Gallagher

The singer was known for his unattractive smile. Finally, he decided to straighten and whiten his teeth.

Cheryl Cole

The singer is reportedly wearing invisible braces and has received veneers.

Matthew Lewis

The actor said he wore his braces for six months.

We help you to decide which variant offers the best solution for you and then we also clarify the details.

Dental solutions

Enamel shaping

This procedure is used to correct the tiny discolouring on the enamel and to remove the small but disturbing edge on the teeth. Our dentist achieves the desired effect by shaping the enamel directly.
It is important that we choose our specialist carefully, as a badly performed enamel shaping can cause permanent damage to the teeth.

Dental bonding

It is a technique used to cover discoloured surfaces and to change the shape, length and colour of the teeth, as well as getting rid of the gap between the teeth.During the procedure, the specialist makes the surface of the tooth in question adequate for the intervention and then they apply a special bonding to the affected area which keeps the veneer in place. The procedure takes about 30-60 minutes per teeth.

Dental crown

The crown is a cap that covers the tooth completely or partially. Its roles can include strengthening of the weakened tooth, correction of the chipped tooth part and aesthetic defects, holding the bridge and covering implanted teeth. It can be a temporary or permanent solution of tooth restoration.
It can be made of different materials, such as metal or ceramics. Before placing the crown, a mould is taken of the tooth to be crowned after it is ground into form. The finished implant is usually fixed to the tooth with a cement bond.
While wearing a temporary crown, we should avoid eating sticky or hard food and, if possibly, we should only chew on the healthy side.


In case of crooked teeth, pulling the teeth into the desired direction can be the suitable solution. Wearing braces is possible from the age of 6, but it is usually applied after all the milk teeth have been replaced.
There are removable and fixed devices. Among the removable ones there are variants to be used at night or during the day. The almost invisible invisalign device belongs to the removable group and it can also used by adults.
As for the fixed, glued braces, there is a difference between those devices which are placed on the internal surface of the teeth, while other types are fixed to the external surface. The fixed part can be metal, plastic or ceramics. Tensioning of the fixed part must take place every two weeks on average and it remains on the teeth for 1-3 years. After it has been removed, it is recommended to wear a removable device for at least 6 months to conserve the condition of the teeth.
In order to choose the most appropriate solution for us, we should definitely consult our dentist about the possibilities.


One of the most popular cosmetic treatments among Hollywood stars is fitting veneers that dramatically improve the appearance of the front teeth and create a radiant new smile.
All-ceramic veneers don’t just make your teeth bright white, as you’ve always wanted them to be. They also provide a solution to a number of other problems, such as twisted, broken, cracked or even too short teeth.

Nicolas Cage

The actor had pulled two good teeth to get the right look. Cage gave his teeth a new look with a complete set of veneers.

Hillary Duff

Various teeth whitening treatments and a complete veneer set have helped Hilary Duff’s teeth look completely perfect.

Mike Tyson

The fighter did not publicly discuss his cosmetic dentistry. He seems to have closed the gaps and removed the gold caps for veneers. His teeth are smaller and closer together than before.

Celine Dion

The singer’s teeth weren’t perfect before her career got going. Dion’s teeth are smaller, straighter and whiter today.

Ben Affleck

The actor received several cosmetic dentistry procedures and veneers that gave his pearly white new shine.

Dental veneers are small, thin, composite or ceramic plates fixed to the surface of the teeth which provide a regular set of teeth. The veneers are made based on the mould taken of the teeth. After the preparation of the teeth, it is fixed to the surface of the teeth with a special bonding material.

Treatment process

The placement of a so called shell or several shells generally needs two sessions. A consultation and preparation takes place during the first appointment. In the second session the dentist places the finished work on the tooth – or teeth, since more teeth can be treated at once.
Diagnosis and preparation of the treatment plan: Here the patient and the treating specialist consult about the teeth that need treatment. They discuss the desired and possible shape, the color of the veneers, and what results can be achieved. The dentist examines the current state of the teeth thoroughly and makes an x-ray.
Preparation: The dentist, in order to be able to place a porcelain veneer, must grind down up to half a millimeter tooth substance. This width corresponds to the width of the veneers. Before grinding down, the patient receives an anesthetic injection, thus they feels no discomfort. After the dentist has prepared the tooth/teeth, he takes an impression and sends it to the technical laboratory.
Placement: Before the dentist places the porcelain veneers permanently, he checks the veneers to see whether color and form have become as desired and whether they fit correctly. Immediately before placing, he cleans, polishes and roughens the surface of the tooth. This procedure is necessary for the perfect adhesion of the shell. After fixing and polishing the veneers, the patient can smile with his shiny new teeth.

Advantages of Veneers:

  • You can achieve a natural effect
  • The gums usually tolerate the veneers well
  • The porcelain veneers do not discolor
  • With porcelain veneers, you can lighten your natural teeth
  • The porcelain veneers are nowadays the most suitable solution if you want to change the tooth shape or color – there is no need to grind down a not a lot of tooth substance

We have tailor-made solutions for cosmetic problems. The aim of aesthetic dentistry is to achieve a natural-looking result.

Beautiful teeth: A self-confident smile makes a good first impression and you can have it too!