What are veneers?

Veneers are very popular in modern cosmetic dentistry because they offer amazing result in the gentlest way. Veneers are custom-made ceramic shells, which are usually mounted on the teeth in the front region (smile zone) permanently. Their function is to achieve an optical embellishment of the smile. They are a popular choice for aesthetic dentistry. Let’s see the veneers cost now.

How much veneers cost depends on various factors, such as:

How much veneers cost depends on various factors, such as:

veneers cost

  • We can speak about four sub-categories of veneers: non-prep veneers, conventional veneers and Lumineers. The fourth are the E-Max 3D crowns. These are considered as veneers since they are porcelain shells. However, they are different in that they wrap the tooth completely. These various types make up different veneer prices.
  • The place of manufacture plays an important role. For example Lumineers are normal non-prep veneers by an American manufacturer, and are slightly more expensive than traditional veneers. European laboratories

can manufacture the Lumineers with their own materials and can thus eliminate the excess veneers costs.

  • Dentist’s charge: In most cases, health insurances do not cover the costs for veneers. This means that the dentist can calculate the veneers cost per tooth according to their own fees.


  • The complexity of individual cases: for example unfavorable dental conditions such as tooth shapes, where E-Max crowns are the best solution. In some cases the patient may need pre-treatments such as teeth whitening, orthodontic regulation or gingival contour corrections before beginning the treatment with veneers.

Veneers costs in the UK and Hungary with examples of treatments of 6 and 12 teeth

How much do veneers cost Veneers in the UK Veneers abroad, Hungary
All prices are indicated in British Pounds Average prices BestDentalSolutions* You save
Veneers / non-prep veneers cost UK –511 £ Hungary –370 £ You save –141 £
E-max crowns UK –568 £ Hungary –370 £ You save –198 £
Veneers cost 6 pieces UK –3066 £ Hungary –1951 £ You save –1115 £
E-max crowns 6 pieces UK –3408 £ Hungary –1951 £ You save –1457 £
Veneers cost 12 pieces UK –6132 £ Hungary –3903 £ You save –2229 £
E-max crowns 12 pieces UK –6816 £ Hungary –3903 £ You save –2913 £
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