The exact procedure of your dental travel to our affordable dental clinic abroad:

  1. You contact us for a quote
  2. Our best dental clinic for your case will prepare your quote within 24 hours and send it to you with explanations and details
  3. Detailed consultation of your dental treatment plan takes place or/and conference phone call with attending physician
  4. When you have the answers to all your questions, you are aware of the used materials and treatment procedures and you have reserved an appointment, we begin to organize your trip.
  5. Then you can book your flight tickets and accommodation, thereby also confirming your dental treatment appointments towards the clinic
  6. You begin your dental holidays, you are welcomed by your free driver at the
  • airport and then brought to the clinic or accommodation (depending on when your first appointment is)
  1. The specialists perform your dental treatment in the specified treatment period in your dental trip
  2. Your (first – in the case of implantation) treatment is completed and you travel back home with satisfaction. Of course your driver will take you back to the airport
  3. If you need a second treatment or more (only in case of dental implantation and sinuslift) after a healing period of 3-6 months, we set up a new appointment
  4. The procedure points 4-7 are repeated again
  5. You are satisfied and cannot stop smiling

Accommodation options for your dental travel

To be able to provide our customers quality at the best price for their dental travel, our company has an agreement with the Accor Hotel Group. This way you can have affordable accommodation paired with an affordable dental clinic abroad.

3 Star HotelsLuxury Hotelsaffordable dental clinic abroad

We can offer you 7 quality hotels for your dental travel in three categories (3-5 *) at a very reasonable price:

  • 5* Sofitel – from 94 £/night
  • 4* Hotel Novotel City – from 62 £/night
  • 4* Mercure Hotel Buda – from 54 £/night
  • 4* Hotel Novotel Centrum – from 64 £/night
  • 3* Ibis Hotel Heroes Square – from 35 £/night
  • 3* Ibis Hotel City – from 42 £/night
  • 3* Jagello Hotel – from 35 £/night

Prices are for one person and seasonal.

Flight ticket costs

Prices may change depending on the season, occupation and time of booking.

  • London – Budapest: 67 £ – Wizzair
  • Manchester – Budapest: 151 £ – Jet2
  • Edinburgh – Budapest: 187 £ – Norwegian Airlines (1stop)
  • Birmingham – Budapest: 175 £ – Brussels Airlines (1stop)
  • Glasgow – Budapest: 187 £ – Wizzair
  • Bristol – Budapest: 161 £ – Ryanair

What do you prefer? Removable false teeth & dentures? Or strong implants and crowns? You can have your dental implants for a third of the UK price!

Forget false dentures. You deserve better. You deserve high quality treatment in an affordable dental clinic abroad. You deserve a new smile. A dental travel to Hungary is worth it.

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