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Description of the dental practice:

  • Comprehensive dental care with short deadlines.
  • Customized dental restorations designed to meet individual needs in as little as 2-3 days.
  • Experienced dentist, implantologist, and periodontist.
  • The latest implantology technologies.
  • Various types of implant systems with excellent value for money.
  • Orthodontics with 3D technology, transparent, removable aligners.
  • Dental practice and high-capacity dental technology in one place, with short delivery times and the latest digital technology.


  • General dental care, cosmetic dentistry.
  • Implantology (immediate implantation, immediate loading, all-on-4, all-on-6, bone replacement, soft tissue management, red-white aesthetics, zirconia implants).
  • Dental restorations (zirconia crowns, bridges, veneers, removable restorations, flexible dentures).
  • Periodontology (gum surgery, bone replacement, laser curettage).
  • Orthodontics (transparent, removable aligners).
  • Oral surgery (tooth extraction, bone management, bone replacement).


What is an implant?

An artificial tooth root that can be made of titanium, zirconium, or a mixture of these materials.

What do we expect from an implant?

  • To securely support a dental prosthesis in the long term, which in most cases means a fixed dental prosthesis.
  • To provide adequate aesthetics, chewing function, and speech assistance with dental restorations built on the implants.

When is an implant stable?

  • When it is surrounded by appropriate supporting tissues.

All of these objectives can be achieved with proper planning (using 3D technology), appropriate surgical procedures (such as All-on-4 or All-on-6, bone and connective tissue grafting, and templates), and proper dental restorations.

Implantation in our praxis

  • Immediate implantation and immediate loading options after tooth extraction.
  • All-on-4 and all-on-6 implantation technology.
  • Soft tissue management, ensuring the long-term durability and aesthetic appearance of the implants.
  • Various implantation systems with excellent value for money to suit different budgets.
  • We will help you find the best and most fitting solution!

Aesthetic dentistry

Only thorough planning and treatment can achieve the desired effect. Often, a surgical intervention is necessary to correct soft tissue loss (red-white aesthetics). The invasiveness of plastic surgery can be reduced through the use of artificial tissue replacement materials. With the help of a dentist and dental technician on-site, you can obtain the most aesthetic dental prosthesis.

Orthodontics with clear aligners

Aligners made based on a 3D simulation, which can achieve proper tooth alignment step by step. This innovative method has several advantages over traditional orthodontics:

  • Aesthetic, barely noticeable aligners
  • Easy to get used to
  • Hygienic, as they can be removed anytime, making it easier to keep teeth clean
  • Lower price


  • Full or partial anesthesia is available upon request.
  • Flexible dentures.
  • Patients can also directly consult with the dental technician according to their needs.

Location and accessibility:

  • Comprehensive dental care in one place, just 40 minutes from Vienna.
  • Pre-offer consultation is possible based on a consultation at our Vienna partner practice.
  • Downtown location.
  • Accommodation is available nearby upon request.

Your dentist abroad in Sopron

dentist abroad Chief Physician, Implantology

Dr. Pollacsek Zoltán

Area of expertise: Chief Physician, Implantology
Languages: English, German

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dental implant surgeon

Varga Judit

Area of expertise: Dental assistant
Languages: English, German

Personal: uploading…

 Master of dental technician

Dr. Ilarie Harry

Area of expertise: Master of dental technician
Languages: English, German

Personal: uploading…


Dr. Bendes Zoltán

Area of expertise: Anesthetist
Languages: English, German

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