Package price for the restoration of an entire jaw:

Fix package price with hotel includedLower jaw: 10-12 IHDE dental implants and fixed temporary dental bridges: 5280 £ (6000 Euro), Upper jaw: 10-12 IHDE dental implants and fixed temporary dental bridges: 5280 £ (6000 Euro)
(Quotes are prepared in Euro and shall be paid in Euro. The package price has no hidden costs!)

The package includes:

  • Consultation and preparation of a treatment plan
  • Medications
  • Tooth extraction, if necessary
  • Surgical intervention – insertion of 10-12 IHDE immediately loaded dental implants
  • Impression, production of fix temporary round bridge
  • Placement of round bridge
  • Forming of the gingival, bite refinement
  • Check-up
  • Airport transfer on the day of your arrival and departure
  • Assistance from your dental personal assistant, who will organise your trip and appointments.

Implants and fixed dentures within just 4 days

Would you like to be able to smile again, but you do not want to go through the long healing period until you get a fixed teeth replacement? Thanks to the IHDE immediate dental implant technology from Switzerland, you can get a complete rehabilitation of a jaw with semi final fixed dentures within four days.

Fixed teeth fast? The revolution of implantology

There are cases and situations in which people who are in need of dental implants, cannot or do not want to wait long months for their fixed teeth; they would like to have fixed bridges in the shortest time possible and thus improve their quality of life.
If the following is true for you:
– At least one jaw is toothless and you need a whole jaw rehabilitation
– You want to smile and eat with fixed new teeth as quickly as possible
– You were advised against traditional implantation
Then we can offer you a solution: Immediate loading of dental implants.
It is important to emphasize that the preliminary diagnosis and the planning of treatment are particularly important with this implantation procedure.

Dental implants: Before and after pictures & testimonials

What are immediately loadable dental implants?

immediate loading of dental implants
Nowadays, most implant manufacturers have implant system solutions which allow the placement of the implant in the patient’s mouth immediately after the extraction. This prevents a significant amount of bone loss, gum reduction, and loss of gum contour.
When the placement of an implant takes place immediately after the extraction in the place of the removed tooth, we call it “immediate implants”. A subcategory of immediate implants are so-called immediately loaded dental implants. Not only can this type of implant be placed right after extraction, but it can also be loaded immediately with a fixed provisional restoration. This means that all immediately loaded implants are immediate implants, but not all immediate implants are necessarily immediately loadable.

Are basal implants the same as immediately loadable dental implants?

Basal implants are the same as immediately loadable dental implants.
Dental experts recommend basal dental implantation in the following cases: tooth loss has been present for a longer period; the patient suffers from severe periodontal disease; diabetes; or severe smoking.

The basal dental implants from IHDE

The immediately loadable dental implants our oral surgeons use come from the Swiss manufacturer IHDE. For 20 years Professor Ihde has focused on the reduction of the treatment time. The unique structure of the titanium implants provides immediate stability for the fixed prosthetic load. Also, the implants consist of a single part, which means that the costs for the implant abutments in the second treatment for the final bridges are lower.

Does the temporary fixed round bridge need to be replaced?

The replacement of the temporary denture, fixed during the first treatment, depends solely on the individual needs. The fixed denture is made of plastic (the same material as a full prosthesis). The implants first can only be loaded with this type of temporary restoration. If desired, the temporary denture can be replaced by metal ceramic or zirconia bridges after a healing period of 6 months.

Method and procedure

This minimally invasive technique, performed under local anaesthesia (if necessary also under general anaesthesia), is an almost painless method that has been around for more than 30 years. The main feature of the system is that during the procedure the dentist creates the desired hollow in the bone for the implant by drilling a hole in the gum instead of making an incision in it. He only makes small holes in the gum and then places the implant in the hard part of the bone, not in the soft, spongy bone substance.
8-12 implants per jaw are placed with this method. The exact number evidently depends on the width of the jaw. This system requires a higher number of implants for stability than a conventional implantation method, so that the provisional round bridge can be fixed immediately.
After the operation, the dentist takes an impression for the semi final replacement. The patient must only come back to the clinic the day after the surgery for the framework fitting and on the fourth day after surgery for the final fixation of the fixed dentures.
When are basal implants adequate?
– For patients who want an instant solution
– When an entire jaw needs rehabilitation
– If you are a heavy smoker or diabetic
– For patients with chronic diseases
Advantages of basal implants
– Are applicable in most cases, even when other methods are not feasible
– Fixed denture with implants within one week
– Implantation can take place immediately after tooth extraction(s)
– No need of implant exposure in the second treatment (replacement of the provisional denture)

Applicable only in case of rehabilitation of a whole jaw?

immediate dental implants

The implants not only can but also must be immediately loaded, as the temporary bridge holds the implants together and promotes the implant healing and supports the optimal weight distribution.
Thus, this implantation procedure is only ideal for the rehabilitation of a whole jaw.

Bone augmentation: is it necessary?

Bone augmentation may be necessary. The dentist must assess the amount of the existing bone loss and decide in each case individually, whether a bone augmentation should be carried out or not. The difference to conventional implantation is that our package price of 5280 £ (6000 Euro) per jaw also includes this procedure.


The ‘immediate loading of dental implants’ methods are not suitable for everyone.
Get your personalized quote, to learn more about your case!

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