In order to save on your dentist in Epsom and Ewell, you need to travel abroad. You will need to compare prices and calculate your general costs:

  1. Dentist in Epsom and Ewell  and Hungary: price comparison
  2. Travel options from Epsom and Ewell : distances and costs
  3. Accommodation options and their costs in Hungary
  4. A dental cost calculator to calculate your dental treatment costs

1. Dentist in Epsom and Ewell  and Hungary: price comparison

Dentist prices Epsom and Ewell  Hungary You save
2 dental implants Epsom and Ewell  –4020 £ Hungary –1355 £ You save –2665 £
2 dental crowns Epsom and Ewell  –880 £ Hungary –270 £ You save –610 £
2 dental implant abutments Epsom and Ewell  –1080 £ Hungary –405 £ You save –675 £
Total costs: Epsom and Ewell  –3980 £
Hungary –1220 £
You save –2760 £

3. Accommodation options for your dental travel

Hotel Budapest Sopron Mosonmagyaróvár
3 star * Budapest –25 £ Sopron –30 £ Mosonmagyaróvár –28 £
4 star * Budapest –54 £ Sopron –59 £ Mosonmagyaróvár –56 £
5 star * Budapest –94 £ Sopron –92 £ Mosonmagyaróvár –89 £
*The prices are average prices of our partner hotels and can change according to season.
The transfer from the airport nearest to the selected clinic and the hotel/clinic is free!

2. Travel options from Epsom and Ewell

Here you will find two different airport destinations (Budapest and Vienna) with three different destinations (three treatment places) and their distance and costs.
Flight*: – from and to London. Prices are for return trips and can change depending on the, season and time of booking.

Travel destination to Budapest* to Vienna*
Epsom and Ewell  – Budapest to Budapest* –68 £
(0 km)
to Vienna* –58 £
(243 km)
Epsom and Ewell  – Sopron to Budapest* –68 £
(210 km)
to Vienna* –58 £
(75 km)
Epsom and Ewell  – Mosonmagyaróvár to Budapest* –68 £
(162 km)
to Vienna* –58 £
(87 km)
*The number of kilometers in the brackets indicates the distance between the selected dental treatment place and the airport.

4. Dental cost calculator

I want to save
SGS dental implant
Dental crown, metal-ceramic
Dental crown, zirconium (full-ceramic)
Dental implants abutment (number of dental implants)
Minilift bone augmentation/tooth region
Temporary dental crown (number of dental implants)
0 £
0 £

If the facts about dental treatment abroad have convinced you, do the following steps:

  1. You contact us for a quote from Epsom and Ewell .
  2. Your quote will be prepared by the best dental clinic for your case within 24 hours and will be sent to you with explanations and details.
  3. Detailed consultation of your dental treatment plan takes place or/and conference phone call with the attending physician
  4. After all your questions have been answered, you are aware of the used materials and treatment procedures and an appointment has been arranged and reserved, we begin to organize your trip (your dental personal assistant looks up the best cheap airfares and sends you the partner hotel options close to the chosen clinic)
  5. Then you can book your flight tickets and accommodation, thereby also confirming your dental treatment appointments at the clinic
  1. Begin your dental trip from Epsom and Ewell to the famous dental tourism destination. You are welcomed by our driver for free at the airport and then brought to the clinic or accommodation (it depends on when your first appointment is). You meet your dental personal assistant and the dentist crew on the day of your first treatment.
  2. The specialists perform your dental treatment in the specified treatment period
  3. Your dental treatment is completed and our driver takes you back to the airport or accommodation. You travel back to Epsom and Ewell  satisfied.
  4. If you need a second treatment or more (only in case of dental implantation and sinuslift) after a healing period of 3-6 months, a new appointment is set
  5. Procedure points 4-7 are repeated again
  6. You get back to Epsom and Ewell  satisfied and cannot stop smiling
If you’re not looking for a dentist in the area of Epsom and Ewell, goback to the list of South East England and select your city and use the dental cost calculator on that page.
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