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Dental bridges: Posts about dental bridges

29Jun, 2016

Dental bridge types and materials

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From this article you can get answers to the following questions: What function do dental bridges have? What dental bridge types are there? Dental bridge material options Dental bridge or dental implant? What function do dental bridges have? A dental bridge can fill in the gap left by a missing tooth or several missing teeth. The main parts of a dental bridge are the bridge unit (which replaces the missing tooth or teeth) and the pillar (which supports the bridge). Pillars may be natural teeth, tooth roots or implant. The bridge Read More

16Mar, 2016

Dental inlay as filling

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This article will answer the following questions about a dental inlay: What is a dental inlay? When is a dental inlay the best choice? Different materials How much do dental inlays cost? What is a dental inlay? A dental inlay is a type of dental filling which either complements or fills damaged parts of the teeth. The difference between dental inlays and other types of dental fillings is that dental inlays are manufactured for and adjusted to the individual tooth. When is a dental inlay the best choice? Dental inlays Read More


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