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Straightening teeth: A perfect smile without Photoshop?

Possibilities to achieve a perfect smile with tooth straightening

Aesthetic dentistry offers us several possibilities to make our teeth regular and appealing. Our dentist will recommend the solution which is the most suitable for us. However, it is a good idea to get to know these methods beforehand.

This article will answer the following questions:teeth veneers

Enamel shaping, dental bonding and updating the filling in the tooth are short interventions that can be done in one day. Veneers and tooth crowns, on the other hand, require 5 working days with us. Braces can produce the desired result after 1-3 years.
The desired smile is achievable to everyone if they choose the appropriate dental intervention for straightening teeth. If you also get rid of your tooth damaging habits and ensure appropriate oral hygiene, you can expect permanent success.

Aesthetic dental solutions

Enamel shaping

This procedure corrects the tiny discolouring on the enamel and removes the small but disturbing edge on the teeth. Our dentist achieves the desired effect by shaping the enamel directly.
It is important that you choose your specialist carefully, as a badly performed enamel shaping can cause permanent damage to the teeth.

Dental bonding

This technique covers discoloured surfaces and changes the shape, length and colour of the teeth. With its help you can also get rid of the gap between the teeth. During the procedure, the specialist first prepares the surface of the tooth for the intervention. Then he applies a special bonding to the affected area which keeps the veneer in place. The procedure takes about 30-60 minutes per teeth.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are small, thin, composite or ceramic plates fixed to the surface of the teeth which provide a regular set of teeth. The veneers are made based on the mould taken of the teeth.

After the preparation of the teeth, the dentist fixes them to the surface of the teeth with a special bonding material. Dental veneers are the best for people who like permanent solutions. However, veneers cannot be applied on weak teeth.

Dental crown

The crown is a cap that covers the tooth completely or partially. Its roles can include strengthening of the weakened tooth, correction of the chipped tooth part and aesthetic defects, holding the bridge and covering implanted teeth. It can be a temporary or permanent solution of tooth restoration.

Dental crowns can be made of different materials, such as metal or ceramics. Before placing the crown, the dentist grinds the tooth into shape then he takes a mould of it. The finished implant is usually fixed to the tooth with a cement bond. While wearing a temporary crown, we should avoid eating sticky or hard food. If possible, we should only chew on the healthy side.


In case of crooked teeth, pulling the teeth into the desired direction can be the suitable solution. Wearing braces is possible from the age of 6, but it is better to apply them after the child lost their milk teeth and the permanent teeth have erupted.

Braces can be removable or fixed. Among the removable ones there are variants to be used at night or during the day. The almost invisible invisalign device belongs to the removable group. It is an adequate solution for adults as well.

As for the fixed, glued braces, there is a difference between those devices which are placed on the internal surface of the teeth, while other types are fixed to the external surface. The fixed part can be metal, plastic or ceramics. Tensioning of the fixed part must take place every two weeks on average. Typically it remains on the teeth for 1-3 years. After its removal, the patient should wear a removable device for at least 6 months to conserve the condition of the teeth.

In order to choose the most appropriate solution for you, you should definitely consult yourdentist about the possibilities.

Getting rid of our bad habits: Habits that cause crooked teeth

Unfortunately, we cannot change the size of our jaw, but we can get rid of our bad habits in order to have a regular set of teeth.

If you lie on your stomach when you sleep, the weight of your head puts your teeth under light but permanent pressure. This force moves the teeth to the inside, which on a long term can lead to the permanent displacement of the teeth. To solve this problem, try to rest in another position, lying on your back.

Similarly if you have the habit of supporting your head, you put a light permanent pressure on your teeth because with your supporting hand you always push our jaw to one side. Therefore when we study or sit in front of the monitor, you should sit in the correct posture without leaning your head into your hand.

Most children suck their thumb until they are 3 or 4 years old. This is a bad habit because thumb sucking causes the upper teeth to move forward due to the constant pressure. The correction of protruding upper teeth can take years of brace-wearing. Parents should offer other possibilities for children to calm down so that they can get rid of this bad habit more easily.

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