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How long do dental implants last?

And also: How long do dental implants take to heal?

When you have to replace a tooth or you need a denture, you should consider getting dental implants. Probably one of the first questions to come in mind is: how long do dental implants last? How long will it stay in place? Will a replacement be necessary? Or, once it is in place, will we have nothing more to do with it?

From our article you can learn the following:

How long do dental implants last

What factors influence the long life-span of implants?

We can say that the success of the implantation cardinally depends on three things:

  • The quality of the implant.
  • The doctor’s preparedness.
  • The patient’s condition and his diligence.

In this article, we give detailed information about the successfulness of implants based on the previously mentioned factors.

How should we choose – and which implant?

There are about 220 implant types on the market, so you should not only choose on a price basis. Dr. med. dent. György Peter recommends to trust your dentist, and  choose what he proposes. There are some implants in the high middle price category, which are of high quality. Since the implants are made of titanium, you need not fear rejection or allergic reactions.
Poor quality, wrong choice, or cheap but fake implants can all lead to severe problems in the long run, for instance, ossification disorder, inflammation, or even the break of the implant.

Let us see, who is a good professional.

Briefly, a good specialist is well prepared, diligent, and has high standards. Proper communication between the patient and the dentist is essential. Partly, this is instinctively based on attraction and intuition, and partly, it depends on the dentist’s communication skills. It is a profession built on trust, a good specialist is well paid, so we should not settle for a half-measure. If it is possible, we should take a look at his office and its hygienic condition, and whether the specialist is prepared and has a good reputation. If you feel that the specialist is not trustworthy, you can ask for some time to think it over.

Let us see who is a good patient.

According to Dr. Mozsolits, not every patient is suitable for a dental implantation: there are general contraindications such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes – especially if they are not treated. We must also mention smoking, as it results in slower blood circulation in both the bone and the mucosa, and thus lowers the chances of recovery and shortens the lifetime of the implants. Under the age of 18, implantations are not performed as the jaws are still in development. According to Dr. Mozsolits, it is advised not to perform the operation on patients with unstable psyche – such as panic patients, or patients who suffer from depression –, because they often have unrealistic expectations regarding the results, which could lead to other psychological problems.
Besides illnesses, the patient’s poor hygienic condition and the negligence of the specialist’s orders may cause serious problems. Regarding the recovery, it is essential to follow the dentist’s orders precisely and to create adequate hygienic conditions.

How long does a treatment with implantation take?

As the first step, the dentist must establish whether the patient has sufficient quality and quantity of bone mass. If they do not, then a bone augmentation is necessary, but it prolongs the duration of treatment to six months. Only after the bone augmentation can the dentist place the implant to replace the tooth root. Without bone augmentation, the treatment requires about three months. After the healing period, the dentist can complete the implant: he exposes the inserted artificial root and takes an impression of that area of the dental arch. In base of this impression, the replacement is manufactured in the dental technical laboratory. There are many replacement possibilities, from bridges to telescopic dentures.

How long do dental implants last when they are well-ossified?

The first implantation took place in the sixties and remained in the mouth of this Swedish patient for 41 years; until his death.Due to modern implants and treatments, the success of implantation has dramatically increased; consequently, the planted implants remain in their place for a longer time. There is no lifetime warranty on implants, but with proper oral hygiene, a healthy diet, regular dental check-ups and no smoking and no alcohol, the patient can preserve the implants for a long time. Our patients get a warranty of 10 years on their implants.

How should we take care of the implants so that they last for a long time?

As we have already mentioned, much depends on the patient’s attitude. In this chapter, we give some useful advice.
The dental hygiene requires great care also after implantation. In fact, inadequate oral hygiene can cause inflammation, so the implant can loosen. After surgery, the patients must learn how to brush their teeth and how to use the various cleaning equipment for the teeth replacements. We also recommend a regular check-up. Dental replacements built on implants are just like natural teeth in a certain way and therefore the following points are (again) recommended:

  • Thorough brushing
  • Daily flossing
  • Check-ups every half year
  • Give up smoking

What happens if the implant falls out after the implantation?

This is highly improbable. Only in a small percentage of properly prepared implantations does something go wrong. When for some reason the body is not responding well to the implant, inflammation may occur in the affected area, therefore the removal of the implant may become necessary. Once the affected bone has healed, there is the possibility of a re-implantation.

We could have seen that successful implantation is not an unobtainable dream anymore; the money, energy, and diligence we invest in the treatment pay off. By replacing our lost teeth, we can be richer with additional teeth with which we can lead a full life again in the long run.

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